Are Men More Prone to Sexual Deviance Than Women? Research Proposal by jagged brains

Are Men More Prone to Sexual Deviance Than Women?
This paper explores the subject of whether men have a genetic predisposition to sexual deviance than women.
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This paper first addresses the purpose of the research; to determine if there is validity to the claim that men are more sexually deviant than women. The paper then examines the research approach and design and describes how to measure and interpret the results of the test. The paper includes a detailed list of assumptions to validate the research method it proposes to employ.

From the Paper:

"Sexuality is an issue that affects all in the society who therefore form the population in the research. Due to the diversity presented by the society an all-inclusive approach is impractical thus the use of a convenience sample in data collection (Gorard, & Taylor, 2004). The internet has over the years been used as an information highway where people are free to express their views. Furthermore, use of the internet display high levels of confidentiality thus the reliability of the findings is high. The questionnaire is designed and using internet programming languages it is embedded in a number of sites following a written and approved request for research. The period within which the questionnaires will be embedded in the site is determined by the systems administrator though a request in made for a period of not less than four days."

Sample of Sources Used:

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