Acculturative Stress in Hispanic American Students Research Proposal by write123

Acculturative Stress in Hispanic American Students
A literature review and research proposal for studying acculturative stress in Hispanic-American students.
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This paper explores the literature to identify the environmentals factors the trigger the student's feeling of alienation caused by acculturative stress, and discover the strategies, which instructors should use to remove these issues. Although the paper focuses primarily on Hispanic students, other racial and ethnic groups are investigated. The author concludes that acculturative stress is associated with the feeling of estrangement although it is not clear, which episodes within the classroom environments provoke such feelings. The paper also stresses the need for such research and suggests a methodology.

Table of Contents:
Acculturation in Various Racial and Ethnic Groups
Acculturative Stress and Educational Needs of Hispanic Students

From the Paper:

"As for Hispanic immigrants, they adjust to American culture in order to participate in the social network around them, establish and maintain friendly, relaxed and close relationships with the members of the host culture and primarily feel emotional fulfillment with the positive interpersonal experience.
"A number of scholars describe American culture as individualistic, whereas migrants normally come from the countries with higher level of collectivism, which points to the similarity in acculturation frameworks among African, Asian and Hispanic migrants."

Sample of Sources Used:

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