A Thesis Proposal on Property Tax Laws in New Jersey Research Proposal by Nicky

A research proposal on the subject of property tax law in the state of New Jersey.
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Published on Apr 29, 2012 in Law (Property)

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Pulling from a a myriad of resources, this research proposal features a proposed thesis statement, a literature review, as well as a proposed approach and methodology to conducting research on the subject. the subject in this paper being property tax laws in New Jersey and the political clout that follows such legislation. The proposed research subject would not just be a study of the laws, but as the proposal makes clear farther down, it hopes to also look at the ethical issues that follow doing such research. In the end, the proposal figures to show three things: how the desperate and needy taxpayers are offered efficient and timely solutions and substitutes, how the use of different tax evaluation structures allows us to identify the taxpayers who have to pay higher taxes then their overall income thus allowing the creation of a balanced and fair outlook and how the overall evaluation and true display of tax calculations decreases the likelihood of hidden taxes.

Thesis Statement
Literature Review
Proposed Approach and Methodology
The Questionnaire
Implications of Research (Ethical and Moral Issues)
Limitations of the Project (scope and possible replications)

From the Paper:

"An interesting aspect to note here is that New Jersey taxpayers get a very low amount of annual federal funding for the amount of money that they pay for the total federal taxes in comparison to the other states. For instance, Per dollar of federal tax paid in 2005, New Jersey citizens received approximately $0.61 in the way of federal spending. This represents a decline from 1995 when New Jersey received $0.68 per dollar of taxes in federal spending (second lowest). Neighboring states and the amount of federal spending they received per dollar of federal taxation paid were as follows: New York ($0.79), Pennsylvania ($1.07), and Delaware ($0.77) (The Tax Foundation, 2009).
"In a related study, conducted by Haveman and Sexton in 2008, they analyzed the property tax laws in the state of California. According to their research, the new rule of limiting taxes under the project Proposition 13 proved to be very successful tax cut strategy for the state of California as it pressures the local and government authorities to look for alternatives and variety in the provision of tax relief. The Proposition 13 project proved its vigilant performance during the years 1998 till 2006 when the nation when though a tough period of extremely rapid housing price inflation as well as manages to play an important part in the daily and yearly ups and downs of property values in the market (Haveman and Sexton, 2008). This could be adopted in New Jersey as well and the tax assessments made in 2008 of all the states that utilize this project would prove to be a handsome resource when gathering facts and figures on market trends for the solution that we have proposed earlier.
"According to the results of their study, they understood that while the process of using evaluated measurements to calculate the total tax on a property was popular amongst many of the property owners, it was still a flawed strategy. This was so because the overall impact of this strategy, even though, decreased the overall tax bills for the residents, it however can have the exact opposite impact as well and can result in sever shifts in the overall ratios of rise and fall of the taxes (Haveman and Sexton, 2008)."

Sample of Sources Used:

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