Youth Gangs in Schools: A Literature Review Research Paper by Research Group

Youth Gangs in Schools: A Literature Review
This paper is a literature review of youth gangs in schools, focusing on a historical overview, characteristics and traits of youth gang members and prevention of youth gang membership and activity.
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This paper explains that, although youth gang activities in schools continue to increase, intensify and spread to small towns and rural areas, youth gangs are not new. The author believes that,when institutions and moral visions fail, then individuals will try to manufacture structures to replace them; in the case of youth gangs, the creators of these structures are young people, with little experience of the world and little knowledge of alternatives. This paper points out that a common sign of gang activity moving into the neighborhood or into the region of the school is graffiti, which is one of the most common ways for gangs to communicate, identify their turf, issue challenges and attract other adherents.

Table of Contents
Organization of Review
Historical Overview
Characteristics and Traits
Rationale for Study
Summary and Conclusions

From the Paper:

"This is an important historical development, representing the extension of gang behavior and gang culture into new regions of the country and with new styles. While the gangs may have begun in imitation of such gangs as the Crips and Bloods, and may still wear typical gang clothing and paraphernalia, they are more of an organization of those youth who are prone to violence and delinquent behavior than they are instances of ethnic turf battles. Again, another movie might be helpful in thinking about these kinds of gangs. The movie Grease portrayed a certain class of young teen-agers who had clothing, culture, and behaviors in common. Yet, they were not seen as youth gangs, but as a faction or clique within the overall high school environment. In 1999, however, these greasers are more likely to be organized into youth gangs of the type identified in Puyallup. They have borrowed some of the behavior and culture from the urban gangs, become more organized, and engaged in more conflict between groups. They tend to harass and intimidate the other students."

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