Yeast and Fermentation Research Paper by Shawnss

Yeast and Fermentation
This paper examines the growth and contamination of yeast used as a fermenting agent in varying environments.
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Published on Jun 05, 2008 in Biology (Biotechnology) , Chemistry (General)

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The paper discusses an experiment that examines how yeasts adapt to various competitions and how they fare against several changes in their surrounding environment. The paper explains that this experiment will determine the factors that affect the growth of yeast positively and negatively. The paper includes tables and graphs with the results of this experiment.


From the Paper:

"Yeast is an excellent system in biology as it is a eukaryote whose genome can easily be influenced and controlled. Yeast also share similarities with their competitive prokaryotic counterparts, bacteria, such as fast growth, and wide dispersal of their cells. A species of yeast, more specifically Saccharomyces cereviseae was the first eukaryote whose genome was fully sequenced (Goffeau et al., 1996). The S. cereviseae is also a commonly used yeast in the fermentation of various products such as beer, by the break down of complex organic substances like glucose, into the simpler alcohol. Therefore it is only natural that people have been so interested in yeast and its invaluable properties in fermentation. Much ongoing research exists that tries to exploit the process of brewing for fast fermentation and maturation in producing malt beverages using yeasts (Masschelein C.A. et al., 1994)."

Sample of Sources Used:

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