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A discussion on the history and usage of woodwind instruments, with an emphasis on the classical period.
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Published on Jan 21, 2013 in Music Studies (Classical and Baroque)

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This paper examines and describes the different woodwinds and their origins of known existence. The paper looks at the piccolo, flute, oboe, clarinet, bassoon and saxophone, and discusses woodwind instruments in the classical period. Specifically, the paper addresses the usage of woodwinds by Haydn, Mozart and Beethoven.

Literature Review

From the Paper:

"Serving in the capacity of a soprano voice, the flute has undergone several changes since it was first known to have existed which were 0900 BC in China. The mouthpiece is an oval hole at one end of the instrument and the instrument is held horizontally while the keys are opened and closed to create the various tones. There are three basic types of flutes the alto flute, the bass flute, and the concert flute which is set in the C key.
"Though it can be traced back to China, the flute showed up around the 12th Century in Germany. The original 16th Century flute was a single wooden piece with six holes but by the 1600's the flute was made in threes sectional parts and more keys added for it to replace the recorder in the orchestra. (Musical Instruments-Woodwinds)
'During the Baroque Period, Handel and Bach wrote music for the recorder and the flute both and the tonal pitch of the flute was beginning to be utilized. Haydn composed sonatas for flute and piano, Mozart composed four quartets for the flute and strings, and Beethoven wrote the "Serenade for flute, violin, and viola," to start the Romantic Period. (Wind Instruments)"

Sample of Sources Used:

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