Women in Indian History Research Paper by hicaliber

Women in Indian History
A review of the portrayal of women in India's myths, legends and epics as strong and independent characters.
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This paper takes a look at the role that women have played in India and Indian history. According to the paper, recent studies that examined role portrayals of Indian women in magazine ads found that they are stereotypically portrayed as dependent upon men. The paper discusses how despite the stereotype that women in India were totally passive to their fate, there are many examples of women throughout India's history that present Indian women as strong and independent.

Powerful Hindu Goddesses
Ganga and her Decent From Heaven
Durga's Victory over Mahisa
Kali- Victory over Raktabija
The Indian Epics
Mahabharata and Draupadi
The Vedic Period
Indian Women in Politics
Nur Jehan

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