Wind Power Generation Research Paper by Nicky

Wind Power Generation
An examination of wind power as a sustainable alternative energy source.
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The paper provides an overview of the pros and cons related to wind power generation, including its costs compared to other traditional and alternative energy sources, its current contribution to the nation's energy needs, the types of wind turbine in use and envisioned, as well as current and future trends in wind power applications. The paper concludes with a summary of the research findings and recommendations for American consumers, policy makers and for future research. The paper includes three full color illustrations.

Executive Summary
Review and Discussion
Conclusions and Recommendations

From the Paper:

"Identifying sustainable and alternative energy sources has become a national priority in recent years, but the drive to make the paradigm shift from fossil fuels has not been easy or inexpensive. To date, there have been a number of initiatives intended to provide such alternative fuel sources, with some appearing to offer more advantages than others, but some of which, such as nuclear energy, carry some form of a trade-off in terms of introducing one potential environmental catastrophe for another. Fortunately, there are some methods, such as wind power, that are already available which have boasted a proven track record of performance with a minimal impact on the environment. Although wind power continues to represent a miniscule percentage of the total energy supply for the United States today, wind farms are increasingly cropping up across the country, and continuing investments in this emerging technology suggest that prices will continue to decrease while innovations will help wind farm efficiencies increase in the future, thereby making this alternative energy highly competitive with existing energy sources."

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