Wind Power as Green Energy Research Paper by KatSurth

A look at why wind power is the best, most safe, and most cost effective green energy.
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Published by on May 19, 2012 in Environmental Studies (General)

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Unlike fossil fuels or nuclear energies, wind power does not generate pollution when creating electricity. Using the Toulmin argument method, this paper argues and proves why wind power is the best, most safe, and most cost effective out of all the alternative green energies that currently exist. Pollution, location, environment, cost, accidents, and standard/alternative energies are all discussed. Evidence as in quotes from government and additional sources are also used.

From the Paper:

"While wind power has many advantages to traditional and alternative energy resources, critics can find several arguments against the use of wind power. One such argument is that when there is no wind there is no power, but, in reality, there is always wind, because warm air rises at the equator, cools off as it approaches the north and south poles, and then sinks. As the planet spins, the spin helps with the creation of wind. So when McMahon claims that there is not always wind, what he means is that the "turbines don't spin until the wind speed is at about eight miles per hour and the turbines turn off when the wind speed hits about 55 miles per hour" (McMahon). In actuality, there is always wind, but not always wind at the required speed. In this case, the energy must come from a fossil fueled generator. Another argument that could be made is how can wind power really be green if it takes a truck to carry the wind turbines, trucks to carry workers and constructional vehicles to the site, and digging into the ground? Naturally, the wind turbine needs oil and grease for the moving parts so that it can function smoothly. All of this - the trucks moving things and people, and the turbines' need of lubrication - uses fossil fuels, and the use of fossil fuels is not a good idea for several reasons. As Deal explains, "Fossil fuels are finite resources' that are becoming scarce and challenging to discover and extract" (Deal). For those who do not know what finite means in terms of the non-renewability of fossil fuels and why fossil fuels are not easily replenishable, Energy Kids, a website dedicated to teaching children about energy resources, explains, "Coal, petroleum, natural gas, and propane are all considered fossil fuels, because they were formed from buried remains of plants and animals that lived millions of years ago" (Energy Kids). Therefore, fossil fuels are not a renewable source, because once the fossil fuel is used, the fuel is gone for the most part, as fossil fuel can be created again with more decayed plants and animals in a few million years. With corporations constantly obtaining fossil fuels and using them up, it becomes harder find and obtain the fuels needed. Thus, companies are using non-renewable resources that harm the environment in order to provide green energy. Of course, everything needs to be transported somehow, requiring some kind of energy to be expended (although it is most often fossil foils that are used) so that concern is understandable and expected."

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