Why Do We Eat? Research Paper by Champ

Why Do We Eat?
This paper identifies the biological, learned and cognitive factors that affect our motivation to eat.
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The paper explores the biological, learned and cognitive motivations for why we eat. The paper examines disorders related to obesity and explains how biology, learned responses and cognitive factors can be powerful motivators that trigger a hunger response where none actually exists. The paper discusses the difficulties in treating a person who is eating to satisfy an emotional need rather than a physiological one.

Biological Motivations for Eating
Learned Motivations for Eating
Cognitive Factors in Eating
Hunger and Obesity
Eating Disorders and Hunger
Biological factors
Learned Factors
Cognitive Factor Affecting Hunger

From the Paper:

"When we use the term "hunger", it usually implies the biological need for food. We know that when we are actually hungry, we get a certain sensation that tells us we need to eat something. However, the actual mechanism that leads to this feeling is not well understood. There are theories that explain the sensation in relation to low blood glucose levels (Kalat, 1995). Insulin production has also been associated with a hungry feeling. Other theories have to do with an "empty" stomach and muscle contractions (Kalat, 1995)."

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