When Reincarnation and Biology Intersect Research Paper by LDove

When Reincarnation and Biology Intersect
An in-depth look at the work of Dr. Ian Stevenson regarding reincarnation.
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This paper discusses Dr Ian Stevenson and his work regarding the correlation between biology and reincarnation. According to the paper, his cases document children who have physical birthmarks or birth defects that exactly match the death wounds of the people the children claim to have been. The paper also discusses the comparison between biological versus non-biological evidence of reincarnation.

In the Beginning
The Methodology
Methodology Issues
Biological versus Non-Biological
The Case of Ravi Shankar
The Case of Derek Pitnov

From the Paper:

"Reincarnation has long been a religious belief. It is the belief that the soul continues and the person will live again after being reborn into a new body. People who believe in reincarnation generally take it on faith that the phenomenon occurs. Science, however, is not far behind in the quest to prove the existence of reincarnated souls. Biological data has been extensively researched and offers the physical evidence as proof of the correlation between reincarnation and biology. It is the most compelling evidence so far and goes a long way in advancing the belief that the soul can be reborn into a new life."

Sample of Sources Used:

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