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Web and Document Design Software
This paper is a historical analysis of software engineering for web and document design as it evolved from 1969 to 2006.
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This paper explains that understanding the historical development of software is the most effective manner in which to demonstrate the relevance of software technology to web and document design. The author points out that, nearly forty years ago, E.W. Dijkstra was the first to introduce the term "structured programming" and the related basic software concepts. The paper relates that Dijkstra explained that, although structured programming focuses primarily on coding activities, it also was accelerating a movement that lead to the formalization of other life-cycle phases, such as structured design and structured analysis. The author states that the critical choice of which software engineering methodology to use in a development project is always closely related to the size of the associated software system and the environment in which it is to function.

Table of Contents
Software Development
Object-Oriented Design
Structural Design
Designing for HTML

From the Paper:

"Berard (1995) explains that there are significant differences between these two groups of object-oriented people. For example, a number of those who emphasize rigor and formality consider the programming language people to be chaotic, overly error prone, wasteful, and largely unpredictable. In contrast, some of the programming language people consider the formality and rigor unnecessary. They feel that at best, rigor and formality add nothing to the quality of the final product, and at worst, they increase the cost of development while simultaneously delaying the delivery and lowering the quality of the resulting software product."

Sample of Sources Used:

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