War: No Justification for the Consequences Research Paper by hicaliber

War: No Justification for the Consequences
A discussion regarding war and its consequences.
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This paper discusses how war has been waged for thousands of years, dating back to ancient civilizations like Greece, Macedonia, Hittites, China, the Three Kingdoms etc. The paper reports that through the years, warfare has evolved. With the invention of gunpowder by the Chinese around 300 - 650 AD, and the introduction of smokeless gunpowder in 1886 by Paul Vieille, war has quickly become a means for countries to extend their borders and influence friends and neighbors alike through strong arm tactics. The paper goes on to discuss how there is never any action without consequences but throughout history, leaders have always been more concerned with the outcome of the conflict than with the consequences of their actions.

CONGO: Africa's First World War
Middle East: War-A way of Life

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