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Violence in School
A discussion about the increasing amount of violent activities among school children.
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This paper discusses the amalgamation of factors that contribute to violent incidents among school children. The paper also discusses the role that insecurity and fear play in promoting violence, as they prompts people to join gangs and other groups of perceived safety. The paper then discusses what schools can do to prevent school violence and focuses primarily on the control of fire arms both at school and in the society. The paper concludes that greater fire arms control together with a proper school syllabus and atmosphere, with the absence of gangs, can play a major role in curbing aggression. Similarly parents must screen the information especially in TV and keep a watch on the children and offer better counsel and support. Community action can alone bring an end to campus violence.

The Events and the Lessons
Control of Firearms
Fear and the Young Mind
Allaying Fears
How Kids Perceive the News
Steps in Schools

From the Paper:

"Some of the tragic occurrences have the common methods or modus operandi. The child or young adult brings a firearm or other weapon and uses that indiscriminately on the fellow students, without any particular cause or targeting anyone in particular. Thus if we examines some of the reported cases that have been highlighted by the media, we will easily be able to find this pattern. On seeing the events from 1999 when the first mass shooting occurred, there were some of the shocking cases of violence at school that invited media attention and national protest included the notorious San Diego killing in 1999 where the accused, a fifteen year old boy killed two fellow students and injured thirteen others which was statistically at par with the earlier incident at Columbine High School in the same year."

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