US Trade Policy with China and Civil Liberties Research Paper by cee-cee

US Trade Policy with China and Civil Liberties
This paper is a detailed analysis of the literature relating to the United States trade policy with China and its affects on civil liberties within China.
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This work makes a thorough review of the available literature relating to U.S. trade relations and policy with China, as well as the impact that free trade has had upon human civil rights and democracy in the country of China. The paper states that one of the important outcomes of free trade in the country of China has been the reduction of poverty. This in turn, according to the paper, has lead to growing power vested in citizens of the country and less power vested in the ruling party. Furthermore, it asserts that the rapid change in China has been termed to be a 'transformation' in many primary aspects of living demonstrated in the improved economic and financial aspects in China, as well as serving to impact political aspects in the country as well. The paper concludes that the government in China does not appear to be ready to shun the economic benefits of trade liberalization even if that means making room for the effects of democratization that goes along with economic benefits.

Idealism versus Realism
Free Trade: U.S.and China Trade Relations
Trade Liberalization and Democratization
Creeping Democratization (Minxin, 1995)
Summary and Conclusion

Sample of Sources Used:

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