UN Interventions in Somalia During 1990 - 1993 Research Paper by Nicky

UN Interventions in Somalia During 1990 - 1993
In-depth research into the factors involved in the United Nations interventions in Somalia during 1990 - 1993.
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This paper presents research regarding the United Nations (UN) interventions in Somalia occurring between 1990 and 1993. By giving a historical overview of Somalia leading up to the Somali Civil War, the paper sets the stage for analysis and interpretation of the factors that conspired to bring about UN intervention in the country. With a focus on German involvement, the paper concludes that the decision-making process leading up to and through the Bundeswehr deployment to Somalia illustrates how the CDU and SDP used an international 'humanitarian' mission, in combination with party politics as a struggle to reshape the future legal military capacities of the reunified Germany.


Purpose of Paper
Research Questions
Theoretical Framework
Review of Literature
Background Information
Brief History of Somalia Leading to the Somali Civil War
International Reaction
External Pressure: United States and the United Nations Lean on Germany
Domestic Politics: Partisan Struggle and the Shadow of Basic Law
The 'Volk' Response to Out-of-Area Operations
Withdrawal: How the Germans got out of Somalia

From the Paper:

"Despite the humanitarian image placed on UN activities in Somalia, Africa did not even make the list of German vital interests identified in surveys in the early 1990s. In fact, the leading concern for Germans was the stability of Eastern Europe as identified by 64% of the populace in 1992 and an even greater 69% in 1993. The potential instability of the post-Cold War Eastern Block was by far more threatening than the presence of clan warfare in the Horn of Africa for the average German (Asmus, 1994, pp. 17-20)."

Sample of Sources Used:

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