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TV Violence and Aggression
This paper discusses the effects of violent TV and video games on aggression in children and adolescents.
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In this article, the writer notes that the apparent effects of TV violence on aggression in children and adolescents have long been suspected. The writer points out that the effect of violent video games on children's aggression is not so well known. This paper explores the relationship between exposure to violent television and video games and the development of aggression in children and adolescents. The paper explains that this link is extremely important because in recent years in North America there has been a noticeable increase in children's violence. The writer maintains that if a strong link can be found between TV and video game violence, this could have implications for reducing and controlling the degree of violence that is presently witnessed in society. The writer concludes that the research into the effects of TV and video violence on child and adolescent aggression suggests that a certain child or adolescent under very specific conditions will very likely act out aggression after viewing a violent TV program or video game.

Violence in Television
Explanations of Media Impact on Aggression
Violent TV, Violent Video Games and Aggression

From the Paper:

"Sherry conducted a meta-analysis of research into video games and found that the effect of violent video games on aggression in children is less than what results from violent TV programming. The video games studies ranged over the 25-year period from 1975 to 2000. An analysis was made of all the studies during that time by analyzing the results of those studies. The effects of the more violent and graphic games were compared with the less violent games. The most important finding from this meta-analysis was that the longer the children were exposed to violent video games, the less of an effect was produced on aggression. It appeared that the children and adolescents had to be already angered and aggressive before the video game began in order for it to produce any effect. Other researchers have also observed that video games are different in their effect on aggression from TV. According to Browne and Hamilton-Giachritsis, video games merely amplify the effect which already exists of aggressive feelings and thoughts in the child or adolescent."

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