Turkey and the European Union (EU) Research Paper by Champ

Turkey and the European Union (EU)
This paper is a conceptual and empirical analysis of the foreign policy of Turkey as a bridge between the European Union (EU)and the Muslim world.
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This paper explains that Turkey's potential membership in the European Union (EU) underscores its role in the region and throughout the international community, especially as Europe becomes increasingly Islamized and as the unrest in the Middle East remains at a boiling point. The author presents, in addition to the literature review, case studies of the continuing unrest between the Palestinians and Israelis and the Danish religious cartoon controversy featuring pictures of the Islamic prophet, as examples of Turkey's increasing importance in the region and in the global geopolitical sphere. The paper states that international observers believe that Turkey represents the West's best chances for securing a mediating influence in the region and for developing a cultural, political, religious and geographic buffer between themselves and the increasingly hostile nature of many factions in the Middle East. The paper includes several long quotations.

Table of Contents
Research Questions
Overview of the Study
Case Studies
Palestine - Israel Conflict
Cartoon Controversy

From the Paper:

"For example, when the Western European Union was designated as the defense component of the EU by the Maastricht Treaty, which came into force in 1993, the intention was for the organization to serve as a bridge between the EU and NATO. Because membership in the WEU was restricted to EU member states only, opportunities for states to achieve "associate membership" and "associate partnership" in the EU were introduced in order to involve non-EU members in this emerging framework in an attempt to forge the WEU into a more inclusive and relevant organization."

Sample of Sources Used:

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