Theories of Motivation and Addiction Research Paper by cee-cee

Theories of Motivation and Addiction
This paper looks at key theories of motivation in relation to drug use and addiction.
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In this article, the writer discusses that addictive behavior is a process that is initiated by certain motivational factors and causative features. The writer maintains that the use of psychological theories to describe and analyze these motivational patterns of behavior is essential in order to understand and create preventative strategies to combat addiction. In this essay, various theories of motivation are used to explain the addictive syndrome. These include cognitive and behavioral theories as well as socio-psychological and other theoretical stances. The pleasure principle and motivation towards fulfillment and self-efficacy and the search for excitement are also dealt with in relation to disinhibition theories of motivation. These are discussed to provide a clear and integrated overview of the central motivational theories that lead to and maintain addictive behavior. The writer concludes that the various theories of motivation are important points of departure in the alleviation and the reduction of the negative outcomes of addictive behavior in society.

Overview of the Motivational Theories and Addiction
Sensation and Experience Seeking
Opponent Processes
Developmental Theories
Summation and Conclusion

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