The YMCA Bicycle Ergometer Functional Assessment Research Paper by Pang

The YMCA Bicycle Ergometer Functional Assessment
A discussion of the procedures and results for a YMCA Bicycle ergometer experimental assessment.
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This paper presents an experiment in graded exercise testing (GXT), which can be used to measure a person's aerobic capacity and VO2 max. The paper explains that a person's VO2 max is considered the most accurate measurement of the cardiovascular system, and is best measured in incremental exercise on a treadmill or bicycle ergometer. The paper describes the procedures followed by the researchers to monitor the subjects' heart rate, blood pressure, serial ECG, breathing, and exertion. In conclusion, the hypothesis was accurate, and as expected, the results showed that heart rate and blood pressure both continued to increase during exercise and later decreased in the cool down phase. The age predicted heart rate was 199 bpm.


From the Paper:

"First we recorded the subject's weight in kg and measured the resting heart rate and blood pressure. The metronome was set to 100 clicks per minute and the subject was instructed to pedal at 50 revolutions *min^-1. Resistance was determined by weight and resting heart rate. The subject then exercised for three minutes at workload #1. During the second minute of exercise, the blood pressure was recorded. The heart rate was recorded during the third minute. We did the same procedure for workload # 2, adjusting the resistance to the obtained heart rate response in workload # 1. We repeated this procedure for workload # 3 and then determined if a steady state was reached. We then had the subject do a cool down stage and recorded the final heart rate and blood pressure. We used the gathered data to make a graph estimated the maximal workrate."

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