The WWII Bomber Command Missions Research Paper by devilsdelusion

The WWII Bomber Command Missions
A look at Canada's role in the Allies' bomber command attacks on Germany during World War Two.
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The paper examines how Canada played a large part in the bomber command offensive missions of the Allies against Germany. The paper examines what prompted the Allies to bomb non-military targets and carry out what many consider to be immoral missions and then discusses the argument of many, that the bomber command offensive missions were necessary for the Allies to win the war. The paper also looks at the research regarding these attacks and asserts that one cannot prove that the bomber command missions were necessary for the Allies to win the war. The paper contends that since these missions were greatly immoral, Canada should have refused to take part and should have concentrated their efforts towards other areas of warfare.

From the Paper:

"During World War Two, the world witnessed the use of air warfare in numbers and consequence unlike any time before. The ideas of strategic air power started during the First World War. It was the Germans who thought of it first. British civilians were accustomed to being sheltered from the ravages of war as Britain was largely insulated by the English Channel. As a result the sight of German Zeppelin over London naturally frightened British civilians. The British made sure they were prepared when it came to the Second World War. They wanted to be ready to fight the battle in the air. Bomber Command was made up of groups of allied airmen who carried out a strategic bombing offensive on Germany in World War two. These Bomber Command attacks have become a highly debated topic of World War Two History. There are strong arguments to support both sides of the debate."

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