The Use of Technology in Educating Students Research Paper by write123

The Use of Technology in Educating Students
A discussion on the use of technology in educating students of the millennium generation.
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The paper discusses the fact that technology continues to evolve at a startling pace and students are facing the reality of getting a quality education while balancing the ongoing changes that society presents to them. The paper focuses on those students we term "Millennial Students." The paper states that the purpose of this study is rooted in the search for knowledge and understanding of the "Millennium Generation" student and to gain an understanding of the various changes that education has to undergo, owing to the increased influence of technology.

Outline: Introduction
Purpose of the Study
Statement of the Problem
Research Questions
Review of related Literature

From the Paper:

"The ambivalence with which the Generation X students responded to the use of the CRS in many ways confirms Taylor's (2007) characterization of this generation as being more skeptical and less optimistic than Baby Boomers, with a tendency towards cynicism. Generation Xers also in many ways occupy the most difficult position of all the groups surveyed, as age-wise, they are neither young nor old, but still stuck somewhere in between. The fact that there were so many present, at an age that is rather late for them to be attending higher education, implies that many of them were still uncertain about their present lives and their future, being at the age where most adults were already well into their careers. Thus, the Generation Xers represent something of an anomaly in this study. While they appear to be well aware of most forms of advanced technology, they are not as keen on using it in the classroom environment as the Millennium Generation and the Baby Boomers. "

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