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The US Sports Market
An examination of the US sports market from an economic and social perspective.
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Published on Jan 27, 2009 in Economics (Macro) , Economics (Micro) , Sport (General)

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This paper evaluates the sports market in the US in terms of a macro environment (country economy level) and micro environment (firm/consumer level). The paper discusses the growing importance of sports for community and looks at this through an economic and social perspective. It discusses revenue trends, employment, number of companies, industry pattern, trade balance and sports consumption, as well as sports being part of American education and playing an important role for communities.

Table of Contents:
Chapter I - Country Overview - PEST Analysis
a. Political Factors
b. Economic factors
c. Social Factors
d. Technological Factors
Chapter 2 - Sport Importance and Expansion in the USA
a. Sport Importance
b. Sport Expansion
Chapter 3 - Typical Sporting Disciplines and American Model of Sports
a. Typical Sporting Disciplines
b. American Model of Sports
Chapter 4 - Sports Market Analysis and Impact on the American Economy
a. Sports Market Analysis
b. Impact on the American Economy
Chapter 5 - Sports Market Size in the USA and Business Operations
a. Sports Market Size in the USA
b. Business Operations (Distribution, Pricing, Retailing)
Chapter 6 - Retail Channel, Athletes, Brands and Major Key Industry Players
a. Products, Services and Goods
b. Athletes
c. Brands
d. Profile of Major Sporting Companies
Chapter 7 - The Sports Industry in the USA
a. Sports Media
b. Sports Marketing
c. Sports Broadcasting
Chapter 8 - Sports Infrastructure, Facilities and Stadiums and Retail Channel Network
a. Sports Infrastructure
b. Facilities and Stadiums
c. Goods and Equipment Retail Channel Network
Chapter 9 - Textile & Apparel Market in India
a. Introduction
b. Indian Textile and Apparel Market Analysis
c. Issues in the Indian Textile and Apparel Sector
Chapter 10 - Conclusion

From the Paper:

"The industry growth, due mainly to team sports' popularity highlights the American sports preferences towards the four main sports categories: football, baseball, basketball and hockey. In the same time, overall sports participation slightly decreased in the last decade despite increased popularity among new individual sports, such as golf or aerobics/fitness. This may translate into a shift of the basic sports consumer from an active participant role to a passive viewer role. The technological advancement that enables sports fans nationwide and international to view their favorite games/players from thousands of miles away on a variety of channels, such as TV, internet or phone may be one of the explanations behind this trend."

Sample of Sources Used:

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