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The Underground Railway
An examination of the significance of the Underground Railway and its role in American history in terms of political ideologies and agendas.
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Before focusing on the significant role that the Underground Railway played in American history, this paper briefly takes a look at the institution of slavery in early America and its economic importance for the developing country . The paper then explains that the secret network of people that served to free blacks from slavery, known as the Underground Railway Railroad, is significant because it illustrates the division between the states that would later cost so many lives, the power of Americans to fight unjust laws, and the fortitude of a people who struggled to attain their natural human rights. Additionally, the paper also reviews several books on the topic of the Underground Railroad, pointing out both their strengths and weaknesses.

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"The specific term "Underground Railroad" did not come into existence until the 1830s. According to legend, a runaway slave named Tice Davis escaped from the slave state of Kentucky into Ohio, and hitched a ride on an underground railroad to escape his owner who was in hot pursuit. It is no coincidence that the first steam-powered locomotive made its appearance in America in the 1830s as well; the idea that a magical train could deliver slaves to salvation had an undeniable appeal to children and adults alike. Yet, the realities of the systems of hideouts and midnight treks were far less glamorous and far more perilous than most ever imagined."

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