The Truth Behind Global Warming Research Paper by Vince Guero

The Truth Behind Global Warming
An examination of the different viewpoints on global warming and what individuals and organizations stand to gain by believing or not believing in this phenomenon.
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The paper defines global warming as the theory that greenhouse gasses are increasing the Earth's temperatures. The paper looks at those who benefit from believing in global warming, mainly worldwide health organizations, global warming lobbyists like AL Gore and the world's capitalist economies and democratic governments. The paper then looks at the views of skeptics of global warming who use data and logic to explain why global warming is not as severe a situation as environmentalists declare. The paper looks at the countries and industries who benefit from skepticism and concludes with a summary of the report as well as recommendations based on this information.

Theory of Global Warming
The Advantages of Global Warming Belief
The Advantages of Global Warming Skepticism
Conclusions and Recommendations

From the Paper:

"This report defines Global Warming as the theory that greenhouse gasses are increasing the Earth's climate, specifically Earth's temperatures. It is important to note that this paper defines Global Warming as a theory, not fact, due to opposing data and conclusions from said data. Data related to Global warming has accounted for an increase in global temperatures over the past century. "According to the United Nations Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC), there has been a documented increase in global temperature measurements of 0.3 degree to 0.6 degree C over the last century." Also, scientists predict that these temperatures will continue to rise. The Journal of Environmental Health (JEH) states that, "... global temperatures are projected to increase by 1.0 degree to 4.5 degree C during the next century, primarily because of a projected doubling of greenhouse gas levels". The theory of Global Warming has been a popular controversy of late due to the consequences the theory implies. According to the JEH, an increase in global temperatures can have negative effects ranging from human health to agriculture."

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