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The String Theory
An analysis of the physical makeup of the universe with a focus on the string theory.
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Published on Nov 20, 2009 in Astronomy (Physics) , Astronomy (The Solar System)

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This paper discusses how one of the most highly-researched and developing theory of the present day as to the makeup of the universe is the string theory; a theory that attempts to link together the four fundamental forces that rule the interactions of matter - in turn, possibly creating a better explanation of what our universe consists of. The paper attempts to create a better understanding about the string theory along with other proven facts about astronomy (such as stars, black holes, or certain forces in order to have a clearer understanding of what our universe is really made of.

From the Paper:

"The Andromeda constellation is of special interest, as it contains the Andromeda Galaxy which is the spiral galaxy nearest to earth, approximately 2.5 million light years away, and it can even be seen with the naked eye ("Andromeda Galaxy," 2008). Though previous estimates of Andromeda's size ranged from 70,000 to 120,000 light years across, recent viewing with a Keck telescope now gives a new estimate of 200,000 light years in diameter which is twice the size of the Milky Way ("Andromeda Galaxy," 2008). The Andromeda Galaxy contains a few hundred billion stars and many of them are similar in properties to our galaxy, the Milky Way, as well as hundreds of clusters (Hodge, 2008). Between the stars and clusters is gas; where the gas is dense enough it condenses into new stars, otherwise the gas is mainly weak and is mostly atomic hydrogen (Hodge, 2008). There are also areas of dust both between stars and throughout the disk of the galaxy (Hodge, 2008). "

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