The Standardized Testing Debate Research Paper by Jade

A look at the pros and cons of standardized testing in schools.
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Published on Jun 27, 2012 in Education (General)

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This paper discusses how the topic of standardized testing in schools is debated by many people. Some people believe that standardized testing only hinders a child's success journey, while others believe that it is an essential key to learning. In particular, the paper describes three different interviews which give three different points of view. The paper concludes that standardized testing is an overall bad idea and does not properly display the work of students and teachers throughout the year.

From the Paper:

"In most private schools there is no type of standard test given to students to determine whether they pass to the next grade, or be held back a year. They do not do this because the curriculum that the teachers and staff prepare for the students throughout the year does not require an end of the year assessment. In fact, there is no assessment around to assess a student on an original lesson plan given by the school. Another reason for not having standardized given in private school is because private schools have enough money to hire dedicated teachers who are interested in creating a unique lesson plan for their students. Also in private schools there is not really a higher system to overlook them. Private schools do not have to worry about receiving orders from a higher system, or hiring staff that are coming from that system. All of the money inside of the private school only operates in that individual school. They can decide what they spend their monies on. "

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