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The Spread Of Christianity To Japan
This well-researched paper examines the historic events that led to the introduction of Christianity into Japan's culture and society, as well as the political leaders who tried to ban its existence.
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This paper explores how Portuguese and Spanish Roman Catholic missionaries introduced Christianity to Japan in in 16th century. This paper discusses Japan's perception of Christianity which is linked with imperialist culture of the west and was believed to be a threat to the political control in Japan. The writer describes the ban on Christianity between the 17th-19th centuries in which Japan continued to exhibit intense antagonism towards the religion, but, as the imperialist power grew and Christianity dimensions were explored, the ban on the religion was lifted in 1873. This well-researched and informative paper focuses on the spread of Christianity in Japan, the level of acceptance and rejection as well as the history of this particular religion in Japanese culture and society.

Table of Contents:
The Coming of the Religion
The Acceptance and Rejection Philosophies

From the Paper:

"Japan, long before has been identified with a history of superior political stability that let particular tribe ruler to poise each other out in the dominion of authority . During this time and before this time the presentation of overseas ideas developed in to the religion that we call native for Japan . Because Japan happen to be increasingly integrated into the administration of the imperial family for the duration of the fourth and the fifth centuries, the religious conviction became of tool for political control . Afterwards, albeit the imperial control was in spite of everything, intense, Japan developed into an isle of cultural swap in the middle of China, Korea and further south east Asian nations."

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