The Role of the Modern Day Market Analyst Research Paper by Neatwriter

The Role of the Modern Day Market Analyst
Provides insights into the role of a typical business or market analyst in regard to the world of corporate finance and both public and private investments.
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This report aims to present some ideas that are associated with the role of the modern day market analyst and the influences they wield on corporations, shareholders and stakeholders. The report attempts to examine the specific roles of business and market analysts and presents views on some of the various connections between the analysts's assigned tasks. The report makes use of various approaches to accomplish this goal. One approach is to provide information about reports and equity valuation models and multiples and how they are used to provide insights into an analysis of a business or industry's value or valuation. The report also utilizes market and analyst specific history to demonstrate some influences analysts have had and will continue to have on corporations, shareholders and stakeholders. Another approach is to provide some market history and other associated insights into specific business sectors such as the technology, beverage, electronic and the pharmaceutical sector. These insights are used as specific tools to demonstrate the many manipulative persuasions market analysts can have and the various business results and comparisons they use to influence market direction and investor buying and selling habits.

Role of an Analyst
Asset Bubbles
Efficient Market
Historical Change For The Analyst
Economic Indicators
Economic Value Added
Cash Value Added
Cash Flow Return on Investment
Industry Data
Results and comparisons
Use of the Analysts information

From the Paper:

"To understand the historical role of analysts, consider the phenomena called Speculative or Asset Bubbles. Bubbles are an investing event that can be compared to a pride of lions all wanting a piece of a new antelope kill even if there is not enough to be shared. As is very often the case, investors get caught off guard as analysts inherently create bubbles that suddenly burst. These historical events clearly demonstrate the devastating effects analysts can have on the investment community even though they are simply doing their jobs by taking advantage of consumers' greed and or other flaws in the human makeup. "A bubble occurs when investors put so much demand on a stock that they drive the price beyond any accurate or rational reflection of its actual worth, which should be determined by the performance of the underlying company." "

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