The Role of the British Empire in the Two World Wars Research Paper by limerick

The Role of the British Empire in the Two World Wars
An analysis of the role of the White Dominions in the defence and security of the British Empire from 1900-1968.
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This paper examines how the Empire's role in imperial defence and security declined from the beginning of the twentieth century to 1968 largely due to the maturing status of Britain's White Dominions, which increasingly held diverging views on defence and security from the mother country. It looks at how in Britain's greatest hours of need during the two world wars the Empire contributed heavily in terms of manpower, resources and hamlets for training. It also shows how paradoxically, the Empire, which Britain battled to preserve in the two world wars was lost in the post-war environment, as the Dominions' increased autonomy coupled with Britain's inability to match its resources to imperial demands weakened the Empire beyond sustainability.

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"With the fall of Belgium, Holland, Denmark, Norway and France, Britain's position became extremely perilous, and for the first time since 1806 it lacked allies on the Continent. For over a year between France's surrender and Hitler's invasion of the Soviet Union on 22 June 1941 Britain and the Empire was forced to single handedly face the Axis powers. Initially, the British Empire had been relatively safe because of Britain's supremacy in the seas, but in the summer of 1940 the security of the British Isles became paramount, as aerial attacks and threats of a cross-Channel invasion increased."

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