The Role of Insects in Crimes Research Paper

The Role of Insects in Crimes
Looks at the role of insects in crimes using tools of forensic entomology.
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Published on Feb 01, 2011 in Biology (Zoology) , Criminology (Forensics)

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This paper explains the development of the field of forensic entomology and the study of insects from the scene of crimes. The paper relates the types of insects usually associated with death and how they are useful in the investigation, such as denoting the time of death and if the body has been moved. The paper also points out that factors of geography and seasonality can affect the types of insects and the order of colonization on the body.

Table of Contents:
Introduction to Forensic Entomology
Insects at the Crime Scene Investigation
Flies (Order Diptera)
Blow Flies (Family Calliphoridae)
Flesh Flies (Family Sarcophagidae)
Muscid Flies (Family Muscidae)
Beetles (Order Coleoptera)
Skin Beetles (Family Dermestidae)
Venomous Arthropods
Insect Succession and Its Relationship to Determining Time of Death
Geographical Differences in Succession
Effects of Season

From the Paper:

"The seasonality of certain insects and the potentially differing times of colonization of the remains in different season are important for several reasons. First of all, it means that studies should be done throughout the year in order to develop a valid database for an area. Second, it means that insect may be valuable in determining season of death. This could be helpful when remains are discovered many years after death, although the insect will probably be of little use in determining a precise time of death."

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