The Research on Fire Safety Research Paper by Nicky

An exploration of the history and current research on fire safety.
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The paper explores the research on fire safety technology that includes developments in smoke detectors and fire sprinklers. The paper finds that although technology is leading us to higher standards in fire safety, few of these advances have been economically democratized or fitted to meet the needs of the private residence. The paper further finds that while harsher legal restrictions would improve this imbalance, these are not necessarily enforced in an effective way today. The paper emphasizes the need for this technology to be made available to save lives and improve fire safety in the home.

From the Paper:

"Chief among these newly developed regulatory demands would be the encompassing range of organizational steps to be taken in the name of fire prevention, fire safety and the minimization of human casualties resulting from fire in an occupational setting. This would help to set a template for the improvement of fire safety methods that would transcend occupational contexts and enter into the broader realm of residential and home fire safety. Indeed, among the standards for proper fire-safety administration that are given template here above, regulations exist requiring the adequate provision of sufficient fire exits, clear routes to said exits, the necessary degree of indoor ventilation, an organizational orientation toward fire action and evacuation plans, well maintained facilities and utilities, and ultimately, an ongoing focus on the operational care and procedural control needed to institute fire-preventative practices. Additionally, current standards require that business facilities retain such necessary fire-safety and prevention resources such as an alarm which permeates the entirety of the facility, a set of updated and operational fire-extinguishers for internal fire-fighting when deemed necessary and a proper demarcation of all fire-exits so that employees are able to easily determine the proper course for evacuation. These standards would all be based on the understanding that the methods both of fire detection and fire prevention are a necessary means to saving lives."

Sample of Sources Used:

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