The Philosophy of Education Research Paper by crown

The Philosophy of Education
An in-depth exploration on the origins and development of educational theory, including a thorough literature review.
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This paper explores the philosophical and historical underpinnings of educational theory, also touching on theories about society, leadership, democracy, and personhood. It deals with the socio-political and anthropological significance of modern education and leadership styles, and with comparative styles throughout history. Finally, the paper selects and reviews books which deal with an array of perspectives involving educational methods.

Table of Contents
A Philosophical Approach to Education Leadership
Plato's Counsel on Education & Socratic Education
Descartes, or the cultivation of the intellect
Hobbes: Truth, Publicity, and Public Doctrine
Locke on the Education of Paupers
Leibniz as a Theorist of Education
Rousseau's Education Experiments
Condorcet and Adam Smith on Education and Instruction
Jeffersonian Ambiguities
Deweyan Pragmatism and American Education
Furtherment of the Will; Nietzsche and Education
"The Philosophy of Childhood"
"Pedagogy of the Oppressed"
Socio-politically Based Analysis of Education and Leadership
Civil Education in the Liberal State
"Dumbing us Down"
"The Stigma of Genius"
Kinderculture and "Children of the Corn"
"Lying about the Wolf"
"Culture & Pedagogy" and Non-Western Traditions
The Japanese High School
Competing Answers to the Failure of the Modern School System
Creating the Future School
Technology: The Ideal, the Reality, the Devil Inside
The School Choice Debate
Changing Theories of Education
Rebellion and Resistance
Democratic Co-Regulation
Experiments in Democratic Schooling

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