The Obesity and Anorexia Epidemic Research Paper by Ashli

The Obesity and Anorexia Epidemic
This paper is a literary review of problems pertaining to weight control and self-image in adolescents: obesity and anorexia.
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This paper explains that often patients with anorexia nervosa do not know they have it and must be urged by a friend or family member to get diagnosis and treatment. The author points out that there really is no treatment, therapy and rehabilitation is lengthy and some victims die. The paper relates that, on the other side of the dietary spectrum is obesity, the most common and costly nutritional problem in the United States. The author states that, like anorexia nervosa, no cure is available for obesity; however, surgery for the morbidly obese may become necessary to prevent major complications from taking their toll. The paper includes an annotated bibliography.

From the Paper:

"With anorexia, there are certain risk factors to take into consideration. Gender plays a part in the disorder because 90 percent of those affected are in fact girls/women. Athletes and several professions are also risk factors. This includes modeling, gymnastics, ballet, and other similar occupations. Those under too much stress and pressure from school and who are high achievers also are more likely to develop anorexia. Ethnic background plays a role as well. Many more people in America develop this disease such as those that are more concerned with their self-image. "

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