The New Deal's Impact on Discrimination Research Paper by eddievedder

The New Deal's Impact on Discrimination
A look at the long-term impact of the New Deal on racial discrimination.
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This paper explores the effect of the New Deal on race relations, race-based social reforms and post war culture. Additionally, the paper focuses on racial discrimination and how the New Deal had repercussions on black housing, academia and welfare. Critical race theory is used to examine these issues. The paper addresses the Jim Crow system and the Supreme Court's and legislative approaches to abolish it following World War II.

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From the Paper:

"The decade remained in the grip of racial fantasies that interpreted almost any progress as going too fast" and "pushing too hard (Jong, 2002). A tremendous resistance developed against minimal desegregation measures that would in no way have altered the power of the two races or alleviated the basic helplessness of the black minority. And this racism had not suffered much of a setback during the New Deal thirties. Since Roosevelt considered the race issue "political dynamite," his broker leadership always conciliated the Southern votes (Rubio, 2001). New Deal programs, therefore, either ex eluded or segregated the black minority. As Barton Bernstein has argued, it was an ambiguous legacy, marked more by promise than substance."

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