The Neolithic Revolution Research Paper

The Neolithic Revolution
This paper examines how the agriculture, hunting, social and economic advances that took place during the Neolithic revolution improved the way humans lived and how these changes continue to impact us today.
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Published on Feb 07, 2003 in Anthropology (Pre-Historic) , Ethnic Studies (Historical)

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This paper lays out in great detail the various hunting, farming, social and military improvements that where created by humans during the Neolithic revolution. It further examines the methods used by these early people to domesticate animals, which was their new sources for food. The author also discusses the roles that men and women now had. It also discusses that since humans no longer needed to travel to look for food, they now began to live in communities called bands, which lead to the need for the first military and governing body.

From the Paper:

"For the bulk of pre-history, man has managed to live in harmony with all forms of life in the natural world. Even though we cannot be certain of much about our activities before the advent of written records, some conclusions can be deduced about ancient ways of life through the examination of archeological evidence. For most of the time humans have been around, stability rather than change have characterized their way of life. Pre-historic Humans relied on a combination of hunting animals and gathering plants for sustenance. They lived in small bands of about 25-50 people and were constantly mobile in their search for food. Though intermittent starvation may have been the fate of some, there is strong evidence that food was almost always in supply and there was never any need for accumulation or storage. Most people had very few possessions because extra goods would be an inconvenience in their mobile way of life; most people could carry everything that they owned. Furthermore, there was less of a distinction between private property and public property. What was the property of one member was the property of all and vice-versa."

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