The Israeli-Palestinian Conflict Research Paper by almazrok

The Israeli-Palestinian Conflict
A discussion on if and how the Israeli-Palestinian conflict can be resolved.
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The Israeli-Palestinian conflict has been one of the most divisive contests in the history of the Middle East. Unfortunately, Israel has been a hub of violence since its inception in 1948. This paper examines the history of the conflict and debates how best to resolve the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.

Israel Should Withdraw from Palestinian Territories
Israel Must Reoccupy Palestinian Territories
Creating a Palestinian State Could Resolve the Israeli- Palestinian Conflict
Creating a Palestinian State Would Not Resolve the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict
Palestinians Must Fight for Equal Rights
Palestinians Must Reject Terrorism as a Weapon of War
Economic Development Can Facilitate Peace Between Israelis and Palestinians

From the Paper:

"President George W. Bush has referred to the "legitimate aspirations" of the Palestinian people for an independent state. But people who embrace suicide bombings and choose career killers as their leaders--as the Palestinians have done--have no legitimate political aspirations. Writer William F. Buckley, for all of his many faults, is credited with a turn of phrase that eloquently captures this fact. Speaking about an African country's desire for independence, he quipped, "They'll be ready for democracy when they stop eating each other." Although he was referring to the practice of literal cannibalism, the same thing applies metaphorically to the Palestinians. They can be trusted with a representative government only when they stop worshipping murderers."

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