The Importance of Nutrient Conditions During Plant Growth Research Paper

A laboratory research project focused on photosynthesis.
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This paper illustrates a laboratory experiment involving plants' use of photosynthesis, which is the chemical process that occurs in plants to convert energy, water, and carbon dioxide into oxygen, and organic compounds; i.e. sugar. This experiment is intended to test how different conditions will influence photosynthesis on a broad bean plant Vicia faba. Photosynthesis differs depending on conditions of the plant. To test for this, the paper explains, the researchers created a standard curve for chlorophyll, and then examined two plants that were grown in separate conditions, one in normal light and water conditions and the other with added fertilizer of 20/20/20. If photosynthesis is stronger, the paper clarifies, the plant was expected to be more developed and in better condition. In conclusion, the paper notes that the experiment was successful, showing that the plant grown in fertilized conditions grew in more impressive ways. This paper includes illustrative graphs, charts, tables, and calculations.


From the Paper:

"Part II dealt with building a standard curve for chlorophyll. A stock chlorophyll solution was obtained a long with four cuvettes. The cuvettes were labeled as 0, 1, 2, and 3. Four milliliters of distilled water was added to cuvette 0 using a 5mL pipette. Four milliliters of the stock solution was then added to cuvette 3 using a 5mL pipette. Then three milliliters of the stock solution and three milliliters of distilled water were added to cuvette 2 using different 5mL pipettes. Two milliliters of the solution from cuvette 2 was taken and put into cuvette 1 along with two milliliters of distilled water. The absorbance on the spec21 spectrophotometer was set to 650 and cuvette 0 was placed into it, the absorbance was adjusted to 0 making this the blank. Cuvettes 1, 2, and 3 were then placed into the machine one by one and the absorbance of each cuvette was recorded. The relationship between absorbance and chlorophyll concentration was then plotted. A line of best fit was drawn on the graph, the slope of which gave the chlorophyll extinction coefficient."

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