The History of World War I Research Paper by Matt

The History of World War I
A detailed paper about how WWI started, how it was carried out, the feelings between the countries and the aftermath.
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A look at the Great War's battles, the leaders involved, resolutions that took place and effects. The author investigates the battles that lead to WWI, examines the leaders and their characters involved in the war, the negotiations that took place between countries and leaders and the effects of the war on individual countries and on society as a whole.

From the Paper:

"World War I is a war our generation knows little about. For the first time, countless nations engaged in a truly global battle. There are several reasons for the start of World War I have circulated, however, the great war started as a result of the tension between the rival powers of Europe. Irredentism was one main factor. Irredentia, "Unredeemed Italy", was the unclaimed land of Trieste and Trent. Austria had always owned the two territories, but the land was mainly composed of Italians. The tension between Germany and France was the greatest of all the countries. In 1870, the Germans stuck the French with a huge bill for war payments and took the two provinces of Alsace and Lorraine. The French Assembly agreed on the deal in 1871. It was a great humiliation to bare. It was recorded that a few of the members of the assembly had tears in their eyes."

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