The Herbivore "Duck-Billed" Hadrosaurids Research Paper

A research paper on the paleobiology of the "duck-billed" hadrosaurus dinosaurs.
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Published on Aug 22, 2012 in Biology (Zoology)

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This paper examines how the hadrosaurids formed the most diverse group of big-sized and specialized herbivorous reptiles that well flourished and managed to be widely distributed in Laurasia during the Late Cretaceous period. Included are the features, specializations, and sub-families of, as well as scientific or archaeological discoveries about, the hadrosaurids.


From the Paper:

"Hadrosaurs are considered to be highly specialized ornithopods owing to the built of their teeth and jaws. The "duckbill" snout expanded into a bulb-like shape as front teeth from the jaws were lost. The bills of the hadrosaurs appeared to have had sharp edges that allowed the shredding and stripping of needles or leaves from low-lying branches and shrubs. A true duck-billed dinosaur had a robust projection that was prominently jutting from the back of its broad lower jaws. Muscles that were housed in large chambers were found above the process and underneath the skull's lateral and upper temporal openings or fenestrae, clearly pointing to the considerable power of their jaw muscles. The dentition was marked by plenty of tightly compressed teeth packed into huge grinding batteries, each one of which contained as many as around 200 working and replacement teeth. In turn, each of the teeth had distinctive, well-defined grinding or wear surfaces caused by precise occlusion ("dinosaur"). These closely interlocking teeth effected the mechanism for a continuous surface for grinding (Geol 104)."

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