The Future of CompStat in Law Enforcement Research Paper by scribbler

The Future of CompStat in Law Enforcement
An examination and study on the efficacy of the CompStat instrument for police departments in the United States.
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Published on Feb 22, 2013 in Criminology (Public and Crime) , Computer and Technology (General)

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This paper explores the CompStat program and describes in detail how it reports crime, encompasses weekly felony control strategy assemblies, expands and arranges commandant profile reports, includes crime strategy meetings and integrates crime mapping systems. The paper presents a study to explore whether CompStat has a place in the field of law enforcement, whether the CompStat system is capable of being employed in all the states of USA, and whether the CompStat has contributed effectively to crime or felony reduction in New York City. The paper outlines the methodology of this study and relates its findings that the CompStat introduction in a city such as New York has had many negative impacts. The paper discusses why CompStat's crime-reducing effects have been insignificant and how it can disencourage police officers from taking crime reports.

Reporting of Crime by CompStat
Accountability at CompStat
Commandant Profile Reports
Crime Strategy Meetings

From the Paper:

"CompStat which is a short form for COMPuter STATistics or COMParative STATistics is the name issued to the New York City Police Department's answerability process. CompStat and has ever since been simulated in numerous other departments. CompStat is an administration viewpoint or organizational management instrument for police departments, approximately equal to Six Sigma or TQM. In actual fact, CompStat is not a computer system or software package. As a substitute, CompStat is a multifaceted vibrant approach to offense lessening, quality of life enhancement, and personnel and resource administration. "CompStat utilizes geographic information systems. It was anticipated to map crime and spot problems. In weakly assemblies, ranking New York Police Division administrators convene with local zonal commanders from one of the eight perambulation borough in New York City to converse about the tribulations"(Bratton, n.d.). They formulate plans and tactics which will enable the solving of problems, lessen crime, and eventually make better quality of life in their allocated region. The system is in addition made use of in other major cities comprising Washington, DC, Los Angeles, Philadelphia, Austin,San Francisco and Baltimore, Maryland. In Baltimore, Maryland, the system is publicized in use in the The Wire on HBO. Baltimore's system is known as Citistat. In Canada the CompStat system is at the moment in use by the Vancouver Police Department."

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