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The Federal Reserve System and Monetary Policy
This paper presents a critical review of the Federal Reserve System and its policies from 1951 to the present.
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This paper provides a thorough analysis of monetary policy while concentrating on the role of the Federal Reserve System. The paper looks at the instruments used by the Federal Reserve System, the performance metrics in relation to the business environment and the role of monetary policy within the macroeconomic framework. The paper also analyzes the role of money when achieving economic objectives such as economic growth, controllable inflation and low unemployment rates.

The Money Creation Process
A Description of Monetary Policy
Federal Reserve System: 1970s and 1980s
Federal Reserve System: 1990s and Beyond
Monetary Policy Efficiency
Federal Reserve System Performance: Monetary Policy Vs. Fiscal Policy

From the Paper:

"After WWII, Milton Friedman wrote a seminal work on the Quantity Theory of Money that used past research to show the linkage between money and hyperinflation. Similarly, it became clear to many analysts and economists that the role of the Federal Reserve System was more expansive, as there were efforts to measure and analyzes the growth of money stocks. As the Federal Reserve Bank acts as the bankers' bank, and dictates monetary policy, measurement efforts that are linked to the two points listed above involved expansive money supply estimation to include and define narrow and board definitions of money (Federal Reserve Board para. 4)."

Sample of Sources Used:

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