The Fatherless Child Research Paper by Alicia Carroll Duvall

A research paper on the negative impact of a fatherless household on children.
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The paper explores the evidence to reinforce the claim that the absence of a father is a disruption to the family unit that can lead the child to psychological, economic, sociological, educational and legal abnormalities. The paper's literature review provides a brief confirmation of the hypothesis while justifying the eventual expansion of the literature review to accommodate a more focused and detailed examination of the connections proposed by the findings.

Literature Review

From the Paper:

"The general consensus produced by research in the development psychology, criminology and sociology disciplines is that the stability of the family unit is a crucial determinant in one's life. To the concern over the absence of the father in this unit then, there is a common demonstration of concern as to the adverse effects levied upon the child. So is this contended in the article by Anderson (2008), which reports that "Karl Zinsmeister of the American Enterprise Institute has said, 'There is a mountain of scientific evidence showing that when families disintegrate, children often end up with intellectual, physical and emotional scars that persist for life.' He continues, 'We talk about the drug crisis, the education crisis, and the problem of teen pregnancy and juvenile crime. But all these ills trace back predominantly to one source: broken families.'" (Anderson, 1) This is to suggest that in contexts where a father figure is absent, a family is more likely to produce children who suffer from social, educational and legal deficiencies which can manifest in some rather devastating ways. Anderson contends that the problem of illegitimacy is a significant indicator of the challenges which will be faced by certain children. Those who are born to single mothers not only lack access to many of the psychological needs fulfilled by an effectively compassionate male figure but will also miss the practical needs which are addressed by the presence of a two parent home."

Sample of Sources Used:

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