The European Security and Defence Policy (ESDP) Research Paper by Skippy

The European Security and Defence Policy (ESDP)
Examines the evolution of ESDP in view of the latest enlargement round.
# 64342 | 26,000 words | 183 sources | APA | 2005 | US

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The European Security and Defence Policy (ESDP) is one of the most important, yet also one of the most difficult geo-strategical elements of the European Union. Nevertheless, the ESDP has made some remarkable development jumps since the late Nineties. The paper shows that one of the reasons for this has been the Kosovo crisis, where the EU had to act as one to be able to intervene successfully. Another aspect has been the initiatives of France and Great Britain at the Saint Malo Summit. The paper shows that since then, the ESPD has made it through the Nice Contract and has been institutionalised into the EU Charter. The paper includes tables.

Table of Contents:

List of Abbreviations
1 Introduction 6
2 The Theoretical and Historical Context
3 Towards a European Security Strategy
3.1 New Threats, New Challenges
3.1.1 The New Security Dilemma
3.1.2 European Geo-strategic Objectives
3.2 The ESS
4 Genesis and Evolution of the ESDP
4.1 A Tour through Europe: From Maastricht to Seville
4.2 Evolving Objectives of the ESDP
4.3 Missions to date
4.4 What Kind of Power is the EU?
5 Aspects of Power Distribution and International Relations
5.1 A Special Relationship: Partners Across the Atlantic
5.2 The ESDP and International Organisations
5.2.1 NATO
5.2.2 UN
5.2.3 OSCE
6 Enlargement and the Consequences
6.1 The Enlargement Process
6.2 A View from the East: the approach of eight New Members
towards ESDP
6.2.1 Estonia
6.2.2 Latvia
6.2.3 Lithuania
6.2.4 Poland
6.2.5 Czech Republic
6.2.6 Slovakia
6.2.7 Hungary
6.2.8 Slovenia
6.3 Implications for ESDP
7 Enlargement, ESDP and the Balance of Power:
7.1 ESDP: An Assessment
7.2 Intra-EU Aspects
7.2.1 Germany
7.2.2 United Kingdom
7.2.3 France
7.2.4 Italy
7.3 Extra-EU Aspects
8 Conclusion and Outlook for the Future
9 Bibliography

From the Paper:

"The development of the ESDP has been seen by some as critical to the EU's international influence. If Europe integrated its security and defense efforts, it could not only defend itself but also export security to others. Others have viewed the ESDP as a threat to the EU's strengths as a civilian power. For the ESDP to develop in a manner that does not usurp Europe's civil power, there needs to be solid, sustained political and military dialogue at all levels-institutional, national, and personal-between ESDP/CFSP and NATO, and between individual national governments and parliaments, not least the U.S. Congress. A successful European Security and Defense Policy will change the European Union's position in the international realm relative to security, including restoration and/or maintenance of the economies of the region."

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