The Darfur Conflict Research Paper by Jay Writtings LLC

The Darfur Conflict
An in-depth study of the violence in the Darfur region of Sudan, Africa, and the international community's response to it.
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The paper studies the violence in the Darfur region of Sudan, Africa and compares it to the violence of previous genocides in Germany, Bosnia, and Rwanda. The paper also examines the policies derived from those genocides and discusses how they might be applied in criminalizing the massive amounts of violence occurring in the Darfur region. The paper focuses on the lack of response from the international community including Sudan's failure to protect its own people. The paper highlights the need for action in Darfur and criticizes the world for its inability to come together and end the vile atrocities going on there.

Review of the Literature

From the Paper:

"I first came to learn about this violence in Darfur from Paul Rusesabagina who came to my school to speak about his experience in the Rwandan genocide. He also spoke of the violence in Darfur and other places in Africa. I was moved. The next day I saw a T-shirt campaigning to save Darfur at the mall. I bought the T-shirt because I liked the idea of helping those in need. At that point I didn't know much about the situation, but I knew I wanted it to get better. I paid attention to news articles and stories although these were few and far between.
"When I was listening to NPR one day, I was struck by a story from Darfur. There was an interview with a brave reporter stationed in eastern Chad. The interviewee, Nicholas Kristof, spoke of the horrific violence occurring in Darfur that was migrating into Sudan's neighboring country Chad (All Things Considered 2006). One part of the interview twisted the core of my being. Kristof spoke, "I talked to one young woman on this trip who initially was targeted in March and she was gang raped by the Janjaweed and at this time her 10 year old sister was raped and then killed" (All Things Considered 2006). When I heard this I knew I had to learn more and educate myself about this atrocious situation."

Sample of Sources Used:

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