The Crack Epidemic of the 1980s Research Paper

The Crack Epidemic of the 1980s
A look at the crack epidemic of the 1980s and how it affected society.
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This paper looks at the crack epidemic of the 1980s showing how involvement with crack as a child can destroy adult years to come. The paper discusses how prevalent crack was among kids and provides statistics about how much crack was sold and how many teenage children were arrested for selling it. In addition, the paper suggests that cocain was more damaging than other drugs that can before it because it targeted two unsuspecting groups of people: urban children, from newborn to teen, and their mothers.

Primary Source Evaluation
Supplementary Secondary Sources
Final Conclusions

From the Paper:

''In researching crack cocaine and the emergence of crack in America, one must ask, why was the crack epidemic so successful in terrorizing poor, urban American citizens? Crack/Cocaine was so damaging because unlike drugs before it, it targeted two rather unsuspecting groups of people: urban children, from newborn to teen, and their mothers. In trying to prove this thesis, I searched from primary sources.This proved to be extremely difficult, I'm guessing because most crack addicts/ dealers were uncomfortable talking about their experiences or were scared of legal issues. However, I did find one newspaper article which interview and examined the lives of one family and their experiences with crack. The addicts' from the report are named are Malo, Joey and Darien. Their descriptions of early life and experiences with crack display the quintessential example of the effects crack has on a developing child. Each of the speakers, talking at an adult age, explains their present life of crime, poor education, and overall wasted opportunity. And without surprise, their present life situations all correspond with an early involvement in dealing crack. It can be inferred, then, that dealing from a young age basically ruined their lives. This source however, did not give any statistics and also failed to mention mothers or babies. Thus, I examined separate secondary sources to gather information about crack babies and women crack addicts corrupting social welfare.''

Sample of Sources Used:

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