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The Cold War Winner
This paper discusses whether Ronald Reagan should be credited with winning the Cold War.
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The paper explores the Cold War, the circumstances that led to the resolution of the Cold War and the social and political factors that influenced Ronald Reagan's ability to put an end to this period of fear and terror. The paper discusses the history of the Cold War and explains the war from the American and Soviet perspectives. The paper defends the position that Ronald Reagan was largely responsible for putting an end to the Cold War and the fear it generated. The paper relates how even Mr. Gorbachev admitted years later that he was outmatched by Reagan's strategy. The paper concludes that everyone was a winner by the end of the Cold War. The threat to both American and Soviet lives and future was greatly reduced.

History of the Cold War
Two Different Viewpoints
Changing Leaders in the Global Arena
The End of an Era
The Importance of the Collapse of the Soviet Economy
Technology and the US Rise to Power
Strategic Changes and Paradigm Shifts
Reagan's Contribution in Retrospect
Conclusion: Who Won the War?

From the Paper:

"The Cold War began in 1947 and ended with the collapse of the Soviet Union on December 25, 1991. The two forces at the heart of the conflict was the United States and their allies against the Soviet Union and their set of allies. This struggle is called the Cold War because open hostility never occurred. However, the situations never escalated into full scale war or battle. The war was fought using posturing and information swapping regarding who had the worst weapons and who would likely to be able to inflict the most damage on the other should a full scale war occur."

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