The Brain and Behavior Research Paper by SBurtis

The Brain and Behavior
A discussion on how the frontal and temporal lobes of the brain affect behavior.
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Published on Dec 23, 2014 in Psychology (Physiological) , Psychology (Social) , Psychology (General)

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"While each organ plays an important role in the proper functioning of the body, the brain is the most vital of all organs. Without it, all other organs would cease to function and the body would die. The brain controls all voluntary and involuntary actions within the body by sending messages to and from each body part to complete these actions and certain behaviors. The brain is separated into hemispheres, lobes, and cortexes, and each section controls specific functions and behaviors. The frontal and temporal lobes are located in close proximity to one another, yet these lobes serve very different yet vitally important purposes. Damage to either of these lobes, or any other section of the brain, can lead to impairment or loss of function in the actions controlled by that part of the brain and changes in behavior as well (Coon & Mitterer, n.d., pp. 67-69).
The Frontal Lobe
"The frontal lobe is one of the largest sections in the brain and occupies, as its name implies, the front half of the brain. This lobe is responsible for movement, higher mental function (such as learning, planning, and reasoning), and plays a key role in our sense of self. Only a small portion of the cerebral cortex actually directly controls movement and functions. The frontal lobe combines information with frontal association areas to carry out the majority of its actions. These association areas help to connect sensory impressions and memories, resulting in recognition. Some of these association areas help to control higher mental abilities, such as language (primarily controlled by the temporal lobe). Both heredity and damage can impact the development of the frontal lobe and its overall operation (pp. 67-68).
The Temporal Lobe
"Temporal lobes are located on each side of the brain, the areas of the head we commonly refer to as "the temples" and often find ourselves massaging to relief a headache or stress. The temporal lobes are responsible for all auditory actions and language. Hearing and speaking are highly dependent on proper functioning of the temporal lobes. In fact, the temporal lobe contains the primary auditory area, which is where sound first registers and the ears recognize hearing as the proper action. As with the frontal lobe and any other region of the brain, heredity and damage can impact temporal lobe function (pp. 68-69)."

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