The Achievements of the Ancient Egyptians Research Paper

The Achievements of the Ancient Egyptians
A look at some of the most significant intellectual and artistic achievements of the ancient Egyptians.
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Published on Feb 25, 2011 in History (Middle Eastern)

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This paper discusses how the ancient Egyptians have given us a colorful and descriptive insight into their lives and culture and how, over a period of 3,000 years, they recorded and documented their incredible achievements. The paper also examines how, from the immense construction projects, such as the pyramids, to their two dimensional artwork, we have been able to discover and learn about this fascinating and innovative civilization. The paper concludes that Ancient Egypt, through incredible architecture, elegant art and sculpture, and medical and mathematical advances, truly achieved its divine goal of immortality.

From the Paper:

"The mastering of irrigation was the key to life. Each summer, rains from Africa caused the waters of the Nile to rise and temporarily flood the land, depositing a new layer of rich silt - ideal for growing crops. The Egyptians hoped the waters would rise high enough to ensure irrigation (Ana Ruiz, 8). Irrigation canals, ditches, and back breaking labor were required to bring the life-giving water into the desert (Matthews and Platt, 17). The Egyptians learned to control the flood waters of the Nile, draining swamps and harvesting crops (Professor Weber, The Western Tradition, "The Ancient Egyptians).
"A system of water control explains the early degree of social organization. They followed the rules or were denied water (Professor Weber, The Western Tradition, "The Ancient Egyptians). As stated by John A. Wilson, "large scale irrigation requires a common effort, binding together different communities, and is a factor promoting the growth of a state (John A. Wilson, 10).

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