Technology and the Government: The Mark of the New World Order Research Paper by Peter Pen

Technology and the Government: The Mark of the New World Order
Examines how advancements in technology will ultimately enable the government to monitor our every move.
# 45554 | 3,339 words | 9 sources | MLA | 2003

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For some people, especially Christians, the government's role of utilizing advanced technology to create a more secure and efficient information superhighway infrastructure is more than just a loss of privacy and freedom; it is the "Mark of the Beast" and a sign of the "End of Times" based on the Biblical prophesies. The paper shows that, to others, such as privacy advocate groups, these new innovations are the "Mark of the New World Order," a new era in which the government will have totalitarian control of all people throughout the world through the use of advanced technology. The paper traces the history of all prior technological events that led to our current information superhighway and "identity" crisis, starting from the emergence of computers in the 1960s, which enabled the government to identify each person with a unique number, such as the social security number that was created in the 1930s. The paper discusses the role of the IRS, bar codes, credit cards, the Internet, and Global Positioning Systems.

From the Paper:

"Nonetheless, in order for all these great electronic innovations to work efficiently and gather data in one central location, every person will need to carry a national identification card. After several attempts for everyone to receive a national identification card for medical purposes by the Clinton administration, the United States government still has been unsuccessful in standardizing a national identification card. However, many people have already started using a similar card in the banking, telecommunication, transportation, and access areas called the Smart Card. Smart Cards are more intelligent and efficient than the traditional magnetic cards that are widely used today by most consumers. The new Smart Cards are embedded with a computer chip that has the capacity to store an enormous amount of data and is more secure since they require a pin number. Eventually, the government's goal will be accomplished the requirement of a national id card, similar to the smart card, which will contain all personal information about you. The technology is there folks. It's only a matter of time before we open up our mailboxes and find our new Smart Cards that will replace our expired and old magnetic bank cards that is if you don't already have one. "

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